Community Colleges

LEHS students can concurrently take community college classes while attending high school. You need to bring a signed permission form to the college in order to enroll. Please get the form from the appropriate college and see your high school counselor.

A 3 unit college course transfers to 10 high school credits. A maximum of 40 high school credits of coursework will be accepted from external institutions to meet graduation elective requirements. These courses may be used for acceleration, advancement or elective credit, but cannot be used for core courses required for high school diploma such as:

  • Four courses of English
  • Two courses of math
  • Two courses of science, including biology and physical science
  • Three courses of social studies, including world history, US history, government, and economics.
  • One year of visual performing arts or language other than English
  • Two courses of physical education.

How to Enroll:

  1. Apply online with the community college
  2. Fill out the Special Admit form below for you college and turn int o Admissions.
  3. Register for classes.

* You may need to take a placement test, so plan ahead!

Special Admit forms for High School Students: 

Santiago Canyon CAP Form

Fullerton College Special Admit Form

Irvine Valley Special Admission Request

Orange Coast College Early Start Petition

Saddleback Special Admit Form

Local Community College links: 

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Santiago Canyon College

Cypress College

Orange Coast College

Irvine Valley College

Golden west College

Santa Ana College

Saddleback College