Program Overview

La Entrada High School is an independent study program designed for students who desire an alternative to traditional classroom instruction as a way in which to earn their high school diploma. In this program, students work independently according to a written contract under the general supervision of their instructor. While students follow the district-adopted curriculum and meet the district graduation requirements, the program allows for flexibility to meet their individual needs, interests, and styles of learning.

A student must have sufficient maturity and self-direction to maintain a study schedule of at least 4 hours a day. La Entrada students dedicate themselves to the hard work and discipline it takes to be independent and self-reliant individuals.

For more detailed information please watch the La Entrada Information for Prospective Families Presentation

 Student Prerequisites

Independent study requires a student with the maturity and self-direction to maintain a rigorous study schedule. The prerequisites are:

  • Students willing to make a major commitment to Independent Study
  • A positive attitude by parents and student about Independent Study and its requirements
  • Motivation to achieve educationally
  • Ability to read and comprehend written instructions at or near grade level
  • Student ability and willingness to work with limited supervision by a certificated instructor
  • Self-discipline and self-direction to complete learning goals
  • Parental supervision, support, assistance and commitment
  • Special Education students may qualify if recommended through the IEP

Information for Prospective Families and Online Family Application

For more information watch the La Entrada High School Information for Prospective Families Presentation

Enrollment Procedure for Students in PYLUSD Residence

  1. Talk to your High School Counselor.  He or she will submit a Counselor Recommendation to La Entrada High School if it sounds like independent study might be a good fit for you.
  2. Watch the La Entrada Information for Prospective Families Presentation and complete the Online Family Application at the end of the presentation.
  3. La Entrada High School staff will contact your family after a Counselor Recommendation and Online Family Application have been submitted to La Entrada regarding possible enrollment and next steps.

Enrollment Procedure for Students Residing Outside of the PYLUSD

  1. Watch the La Entrada Information for Prospective Families and complete the Online Family Application at the end of the presentation.
  2. La Entrada High School staff will contact you regarding transcripts and records required from your current school or district.
  3. Before enrolling, students must get a release from their current district. This requires completion of an inter-district transfer request from the home school district.
  4. Complete the registration/admission forms. Bring these forms, the inter-district transfer request, student birth certificate and immunization records to your school appointment.
  5. Return completed inter-district transfer request to your district of residence. Be sure to also return all textbooks and pay all outstanding fees. The process must be completed within 5 days of enrollment in La Entrada High School. Official records will not be forwarded to La Entrada until all the checkout procedures are complete.


Do you have more questions?  We will respond to you within 24 hours.